3 easy steps

  • UX designer with 5 years of experience. Looking to Start a new career.
    01 Create a profile

    After registering, the candidates complete their profile, which is essentially a complete CV. They can upload photos and videos from their portfolio, as well as video to introduce themselves to the employers (Video CV).

    Employers create their professional profile, which also works as a means of advertising. They can also upload photos from their companies or a corporate video or video explaining what they ask of the candidates.

  • Let’s Connect!
    02 Interaction

    Candidates can respond to employers' ads and search for employers, they can also send their CV.

    Employers, in addition to placing their ads, can search for candidates, see their profile with all their details and their videos, and form a complete view for each candidate.

  • Company A
    Company B
    Candidate A
    Candidate B
    03 You run the show.

    Both of you find out about the professional background of your future partners, by studying their profiles.

    Watch their videos, create a clearer and safer image, resulting in the most appropriate choices.

    Make your choices. You are in control.

  • 04 Make your life more easy

    Employers stop wasting time reading hundreds of resumes. Search using the smart search engine to find your future partners that match your requirements.

    Use our innovative Video Interview service and make your life easier. Contact candidates in real-time online and forget in-office interviews.

    Complete the entire recruitment process online.


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