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Welcome to a new and better way to present job ads, candidates employees and employers. We've divided the site into two separate areas, for the Candidates and Employers. Ovi Jobs is about people putting their best face forward through cutting-edge video technology.

Candidates are able to truly represent themselves - they are no longer just words on a page.

Employers gain the same advantage and are able to share, rate and comment on candidates.

Ovi Jobs is intuitive, results-driven and cost-effective. Whether you are a Candidate or an Employer, Ovi Jobs is a valuable resource that can be tailored to suit your needs.


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The most complet solution on the market

The Ovi Jobs platform clearly shows you the current and potential capabilities of any prospective employee and partner who aspires to work with your organization.

The goal of the Ovi Jobs platform is to reveal the personalities behind job applications using cutting-edge technology.

Meet People not resume

Use our innovative Video Interviews application and make your life easier. With our video interviews application, the candidates will answer your questions on video live. In this way you can have a more complete opinion about the candidates. You can share your Video Interview, by email, on social media, or whatever Job Board website.

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We makes the recruiting process, easier!

Ovi Jobs is a platform that connects professionals with applicants!
It is a simple, time-efficient tool that eliminates all costs while transforming the recruiting industry.
Video Interviews are considered to be the new trend in the hiring process!
A video is worth a thousand CVs. With our Video Interview App, you easily get to know candidates and spotlight the perfect fit before they walk through the door.
Make It Personal With Smart Video Interviews!


Discover incredible tech ability with adaptable arrangements from Ovi Jobs. A new way of recruitment in line with modern requirements.

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