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Discover incredible tech ability with adaptable arrangements from Ovi Jobs

1. Complete professional profile2. Detailed dashboard 3. Analytics 3. Live communication withWhatsApp, Live Video, Chat4. Embented messages, emails4. Job ads with a questionary 5. Search candidates with criteria 6. Download candidates Cvs7. Accept / Reject applicants 8. Followers 9. Following candidates10. Rewards system

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1. Create your Free Video Cv2. Upload your existing Video Cv3. Complete professional profilewhich is essentially a complete resume4.Templates to download your resume5. Upload your existing Cv6. Detailed dashboard 7. Analytics 8.Uploand your portfolio (photos and videos)9. Live communication with employerswith WhatsApp, Live Video, Chat10. Embented messages, emails11. Search jobs with criteria12. Search employers with criteria13. Followers 14. Following employers15. Video Interviews Application16. Rewards system

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! 80% of the services we offer are Completely Free for everyone and are all those services that a prospective employee needs to find a job and all those that an employer needs to attract employees. We offer far more services than the competition. The only services we charge for are value-added services which are optional at very low prices.

We don’t like money😀

They call it Freemium. With Freemium, online services offer a part of their services for free, while users if they wish, will have to pay for a very useful upgrade. In this way, we have a two-way relationship based on mutual gain.

With the video interview app, candidates will answer the employer's questions live. In this way, the employer can have a more complete picture of the candidates and choose the most suitable ones more easily and more accurately. On the other hand, job seekers can forget about pointless commutes and frustrating traditional job interview appointments. They can do the interviews from the comfort of their homes.

Both, they can complete the entire recruitment process online!

You can add questions to a traditional job ad or to the video interview ad you will create. In this way, you will have a clearer picture of candidates and make the right selection of candidates, before inviting them to a traditional office interview or a video interview. You can find ready-made questions on our platform or use your own. This also saves valuable time and facilitates the recruitment process.