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Online Video Interviews

A video-interviewing platform that connects professionals with applicants!

The new trend in the hiring process that eliminates all costs, reduce the time of hiring while transforming the recruiting industry!

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A video inreriew is worth a thousand CVs

According to reports, video-interviews are the newest trend in the hiring process!

All the services you need for the hiring process are completely free. There are optional, high quality low charge services.

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A better way of hiring according to modern requirements. We use the latest technology to help employers and jobseekers and make their lives easier. A modern Job Board with traditional and innovative services.


How employers attract, hire, and manage employees has changed rapidly due to COVID-19, modern requirements, and social changes.

However, most employers do not have a complete picture of the existing skills and competencies of the candidate workforce.

Without knowing the capabilities you have, and where the gaps are, your entire talent strategy is guesswork.

The Ovi Jobs platform clearly shows you the current and potential capabilities of any prospective employee and partner who aspires to work with your organization.

The goal of the Ovi Jobs platform is to reveal the personalities behind job applications using cutting-edge technology.

Intelligent recruitment system

Our Moto? Meet people, not CVs

Use our innovative Video Interviews application and make your life easier. With our video interviews application, the candidates will answer your questions on live with video. In this way, you can have a more complete opinion about the candidates. You can share your Video Interview, by email, on social media, or on whatever Job Board website.


We are here to make hiring a little easier. Let's try.

3 steps


For Jobseekers

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for Employers and Candidates

Our mission is to provide quality, innovative services.

A suitable candidate is out there for you. We'll help you find him. We're your first step to find the candidate you search.

A complete solution for employers, jobseekers and recruiters.



Online Video Interviews

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Live Video Calls


Complete Online Profile for both


Target Jobs Ads


Search Jobs


Search Employers or Candidates


Video-CVs for Candidates


Advertise Ads or Companies


Advance Services for both

The 3-step process

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01. Create your profile

Add a description of your company, upload your logo, photos, videos and much more.


02. Video Interview

Use our application to create Video Interviews. The new trend in the hiring process. Eliminates the cost, reduce the time of hiring.


03. Create a Job Add or share

Create a job ad, add the link from the video interview to the job ad, or share the link, on social media via email or add it to another Job Board.

50- 60 %
Reduce recruitment time
70- 80 %

More targeted candidate options

50- 90 %
Reduce recruitment costs



Discover incredible tech ability with adaptable arrangements from Ovi Jobs.

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