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What are the Benefits of Video CV?

Do you want to stand out from the competition and get the position you deserve? Writing a cv is no longer enough to effectively introduce yourself to a potential employer – you need a video cv!The next stage in the evolution of the job market is the video cv. It's a fresh and innovative way to market yourself to potential employers! It will be easier for employers to understand who you are and why they should hire you if you create a video cv, which you can do from the comfort of your own home..


80% of the usual cvs
are not read.


95% of employers would watch a video cv.


Easier, and more fun, to do than a traditional resume. Also more effective.

Save Time

Saves time on pointless job interviews.

Attract Attention

By including a cv in video format in your written cv, you’ll intrigue the employer by 'selling' yourself as a talented professional.

Cvs in video format will always play to your advantage and ensure that you’ve grabbed the prospective employer’s attention immediately.

'Add value to your Cv

Job seekers with video cvs are considered well-prepared job application professionals. By answering a series of questions, you will have the opportunity to present who you are and what you are capable of doing as a professional. This is in stark contrast to the written cover letters or personal bios typically found in traditional cvs.

Our premium service for Video Cv

  • A video cv that speaks for you.
A  video cv that speaks for you.

A video cv that speaks for you.

Optionaly, when you will create your free video resume or if you already have one, we can edit it with cartoon titles, subtitles, music, etc. or we can create one for you from scratch.

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Value 100€, now only 50€.

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